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Sound vibrates the air around us, vibrating through our bodies with disruptive or beneficial effect as these frequencies, for example, high or low sounds, dense or fine, regular, irregular and so on, have different effects on the body because it resonates or vibrates the nervous system at different pitches and modulations.

We interpret the sounds we hear with our brains, a process that stimulates the brain and nervous system in specific ways - much as a specific part of the brain commands one's, for example, primal reflexes, and another part commands the autonomic nervous system. Thoughts, emotions such as fears, work or meditation modes, all affect our brain and nervous systems. We can tune, or harmonise, or cause disruption or chaos using certain sound frequencies.

We can expand our consciousness and focus our abilities with sound frequencies, and generate beneficial states of mind with Binaural Beats music. How does this work?

Simplistically speaking we hear with two ears, have a left brain and right brain, and the body below. A stereophonic sound creates a 3D sound picture, with sounds to the left, right and centre, as well as foreground and background, higher, above, and lower, sounds. High frequency sounds or refined sounds such as wind chimes in contrast to bass beats stimulates different awareness responses.

Exposure to a full spectrum of sound dimensions entrains the brain to form holographic, dimensional layers of holistically, horizontal and vertical integration of energies, as all sound frequencies are nothing but energy waves.

Our intent as producers is to expand and focus the attention of the listener with our Audio Frequency Connectors & Generators and stimulate whole brain integration, and body-mind harmony to help achieve higher states of consciousness and well-being.


Please listen to all the Audio Frequency Connectors & Generators with headphones, or when listening to on speakers, ensure that you are in the optimum stereo listening position. www.beingambientmusic.com/ambient-music-optimal-stereo-speaker-position-infographic.html

While you may also enjoy the music in the background these Connectors & Generators are not best utilised as background music.

The music is composed and produced, and then enhanced with audio spectrum processes with specialised techniques for specific results.
Read more about conscious ambient music: www.beingambientmusic.com/ambient-music.html

See how Binaural Beats balances left & right brain hemispheres. The 2 min 30 soundtrack will powerfully optimise your cognitive, intuitive and creative functions.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnUWGLER_qc&list=PL_8QKZtOFj4U7swPInjmKmdAet81Jan92&feature=share&index=1


released March 30, 2014

Music by Johann Kotze www.beingambientmusic.com
Production and Binaural Beats by Russel Brownlee www.inspiredcoaching.co.za



all rights reserved


Hypnosis Music Cape Town, South Africa

Created by Johann Kotze and Russel Brownlee.
Johann is a musician and yoga teacher for Johann Kotze Music & Yoga www.johannkotze.com
Russel Brownlee is a coach and hypnotherapist: www.inspiredcoaching.co.za

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